Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

Breakfast Favourite

As you all know, breakfast times can be difficult when you have a 3 year old boy and a 15month old toddler who are both allergic to egg and don’t really have much interest when it comes to having breakfast. Pressed for time during the working days I tend make smoothie bowls that literally take a few minutes. There are so many different options you can have to change it up with just a few ingredients. You just have to find what the kids like and one that is good for them. So for today I made a banana and strawberry one. These smoothie bowls have become rather popular at breakfast places and juice bars lately. You are reading this and thinking a smoothie in a bowl? Yay or nay?

Well I love them, the kids love them and even hubby doesn’t mind it. It is a little different when you eat a smoothie with a spoon. I never really feel like I’ve had a meal when you drink smoothie with a straw. But eating it out from a bowl and putting your favourite toppings makes it much more substantial. You can add as much fruit or toppings as you like and it will fill the tummy up and be set up for the day.

Recipe : Strawberry and Banana Smoothie

1 frozen banana

1.5 cups of frozen strawberries

125mls of unsweetened coconut milk (alternatively you can use milk or yoghurt)

Toppings : strawberries, sliced banana, blueberries and chia seeds (anything you like)

I whizzed mine up in the Nutribullet but you can do this in any blender. Add more liquid to the mixture if you think it needs it until smooth and creamy texture. Then serve it up in a bowl topped with your favourite toppings!