Getting in to the Christmas Spirit!

Need some inspiration to get the family in to the Christmas spirit? Here are some ideas to spend with friends and family this holiday season.

Finding the perfect Christmas tree

Christmas would be extra special by making a trip with family together to find the perfect tree to decorate. Get a real tree that will give off that all important scent of pine. If you don’t have the room or money for a real tree, get one of those mini trees. Pack up the family and head out on a tree search. It’s hard to not catch the Christmas spirit surrounded by Christmas trees.

Have a night in with Christmas songs and tree decorating

Make decorating the Christmas tree together a special Christmas tradition. Put Christmas songs on, there’s nothing like a bit of music to help get you the mood. Take the time to remember where loved Christmas ornaments came from, and what makes them special. Try a few new Christmas decoration ideas.

Get Crafty

Get the kids involved with making handmade gifts such as Christmas cookies to share with friends and neighbours. Gifts in a jar are particularly easy to do with children, what about building a gingerbread house or making a wreath.

Give back to others

Christmas can be a tough time of year for some individuals and families. Some might miss out on holiday gifts and a hot dinner, among other daily necessities. Take time to talk to your kids about the true holiday spirit of giving and how you can help a family in need. Consider what gift you could give and leave it at a charity, shelter or wishing tree at retail stores who will donate them to someone in need.

Have a Christmas movie night

Popcorn and snuggle in for a night of Christmas movies. Whether you are a fan of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” or you would rather watch “White Christmas,” there’s a holiday movie out there for everyone.

Make Christmas ornaments

Creating a new ornament each year can be a wonderful Christmas tradition. Kids will get excited when they see their handmade decorations from years past hanging on the tree. Making your own Christmas ornaments is a fun way to show your holiday spirit and an excellent low budget idea for personalized Christmas gifts, perfect for family friends, teachers and co-workers!

Visit Santa Claus

Nothing says Christmas is coming like the arrival of Santa Claus. Take a break from shopping to let the kids sit on Santa’s lap, and tell him what they would like for Christmas this year. Whether full of tears or cheers the photo with Santa will be cherished for years to come.

Look at Christmas lights

Load up the car and drive around lit up neighbourhoods. Everyone loves lights around this time of year. No matter how you celebrate Christmas, the important thing is that you do it together with your friends and family. Merry Christmas.