Getting Your Kids To Eat Healthier

If you have a toddler, you know that mealtime can be fun when you serve favorite foods. You also know that mealtime can be less-than-fun (and downright exasperating) when the foods you serve are not pizza or chicken nuggets. Getting your toddler to eat healthily can be like a part-time job, but there are a few ideas that can get you one step-closer to pizza only once a week, instead of three times.

Try These Tips

By now you might have gotten plenty of tips to get your fussy child to expand their palate. Just a few of the tips that we believe are most helpful include:

  • Try, try again. Try new foods more than one time. It can take up to 15 attempts before a child gets used to a new taste.
  • Change it up. Try crunchy raw broccoli instead of limp cooked, switch from peanut butter to cashew butter, or offer a grilled chicken pieces instead of breaded nuggets.
  • Get them involved. When you involve your child in meal planning and prep, they’re more likely to eat what they have a hand in.

Try RePlay

As any head chef in a fancy restaurant would tell you, mealtime is all about presentation. When you present your toddler’s meal in a brightly beautiful plate with matching utensils and cups, you might just get the reaction that you’re looking for.

  • Does your toddler just adore the color of the sea? Teal-riffic!
  • In love with yellow? You got it, sunshine.
  • Even those who prefer black-and-white will be pleased by all RePlay has to offer.

The divided plates are deep enough to hold good sized portions and the colours can help your child remember the food groups.

Mix and match plate colours with utensil colours to create a bright and fun setting.

Best of all, RePlay uses only food safe, recycled plastic, which makes it eco-friendly. You’ll serve nutritious and fun meals in style. And maybe, just maybe, your small one will try that tomato when served on a crayon-red plate.