Roar Into Kindergarten With Daria Dragon

Kindergarten can be tough, so why not have a backpack that’s even tougher? Your small one will master the art of heading to school in style with Daria Dragon.

The Daria Dragon backpack by Affenzahn has your child’s back; no matter where they are headed. Take her to school, a playdate, or even an overnight trip to the seaside. A familiar friend is often the best thing to give a child the confidence and security they need to have the best day ever, and Daria dragon is ready for the job.

She’s Fun

Daria is rather funny; pull on her tongue and have a laugh as it pops out of her mouth. Her hook and loop arms are moveable, which encourages role play and can expand on creativity.  And she’s super-cute.

She’s Functional

Of course, Daria Dragon is more than fun, she’s functional. With a front mesh pocket, soft shoulder straps, an adjustable chest strap, secure zip closure, and reflectors.

She’s A Friend

Daria Dragon is a friend. Crafted in the same tradition as the rest of the Affenzahn Kindergarten Backpacks, his familiarity brings comfort in a time when young minds are trying to navigate the world on their own. Finding another kid in school who has a backpack of one of Daria’s many friends can lead to enhancing social skills and even a lifelong friendship.

She’s Fair

One of the things that Mum will love about Daria Dragon is the fact that she’s fair trade and eco-friendly. Affenzahn is a bluesign® system partner, meaning that they are committed to protecting the resources on our planet. Plus, the manufacturer uses materials made from recycled PET bottles, so purchasing Daria is not only good for your child, but it’s good for the world. If that doesn’t make you feel like a super-hero-Mum, what else will?